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Selecticity provides a consultative and nimble approach to all of your staffing needs. Whether your need is for contract help, temp-to-perm, or a full-time employee, we can help design and create a solution that is appropriate for you.

In today’s market contractors are the preferred staffing solution when your business is in growth mode or undergoing change. Selecticity offers your company the flexibility to add or remove personnel when needed with little to no liability. Whether you are in need of an individual contributor for a certain project or you are in need of an entire team for an implementation, Selecticity provides the talent at your request for the time period you desire.

A lot of companies prefer to evaluate a candidate’s on-the-job experience and performance before extending an offer for full time employment. Selecticity provides the temp-to-perm solution for your company's changing business. This enables not only you, but also the candidate the time to feel each other out and make sure there is a fit for both parties.

Companies rely on Selecticity for the highest caliber professionals when it comes to direct hire positions.  We thoroughly vet each and every candidate to make sure they are not only qualified for the role but are also a cultural fit for your company.  Our team uses its relationships with passive candidates and referrals to surpass the quality of the candidates provided by the vast number of agencies in the marketplace.  We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have gained over the years.

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